Our Fall Specials are Finally Here
Treat your skin to
one of our Fall Facials
& receive a Mini Back Facial afterwards
De-gunk & help purify even most congested skin
Pumpkin & Latte Hydrating 30 / 60 min Facial
Pumpkin Enzyme Facial
Level 1-2 Peels
Signature Intense Hydrating Facial
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during Thanksgiving Weekend
For Our Black Friday Special
we only offer these amazing deals once a year!
Waterproof lipstick that does not smudge, smear,
rub-off or kiss-off and can last up to 18 hours.
With over 36 shades and counting, mix to customize.
Come in for a Free Try, you'll fall in love!
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Lipo Melt Body Contouring Treatment Special
Lose up to 1.5 inches in your first session
6 Sessions $300      
Our Spa Passes
3 Treatments at a Discounted Price
Mini Pass
30 min European Facial,  30 min Massage, 
Bikini Wax,  Half Leg Wax,  Full Arm Wax
3 Treatments for $85     
6 Treatments for $170   
Rejuvenation Pass
30min Organic Facial,  30min Back Facial, 
Brazilian Wax,  Full Leg Wax
3 Treatments for $135   
6 Treatments for $270   
Pampering Pass
60min European Facial,  50min Massage, 60min Organic Facial,
  60 min Back Facial, Signature Intense Hydrating Facial
3 Treatments for $175    
6 Treatments for $350   
Specialty Pass
80min Massage, Needleless Collagen Tx,
Microdermabrasion, Photo Rejuvenating Facial
No Peeling Peels,  Level 1-2 Peels, 
3 Treatments for $235    
6 Treatments for $470   
Spa & Wax Members
Enjoy your choice of a 
Massage, Facial, Back Facial, Body Waxing
each month at a great price.
Spa Members
Club A
30 min Treatment each month
Just $35./mo Saves up to $20
Club B
60 min Treatment each month
Just $59./mo Saves up to $15
Club C
two 60 min Treatments each month
Just $115./mo Saves up to $35
Waxing Members
Club A
Bikini or Half Leg Wax each month
Just $30./mo Saves up to $15
Club B
Brazilian or Full Leg Wax each month
Just $45./mo Saves up to $25
15% off 30 Day Detox Program
more information about
the detox scroll down
Spring Time is a great time to get
your extra exfoliation done
Take off the Damaged Winter Skin with
Intense Hydrating Facial, No Peeling Peels,
Microdermabrasions or Level 1 or 2 Peels
Book Now, Start Revealing Healthier Skin
Lose Weight and Feel Great!
Lose up to 7 to 15 lbs in 2 weeks &
up to 30 lbs in 30 days
Choice from Our Detox Weight Loss Program
or Lipo Melt Body Contouring
Maximum Results Both Together! 
Detox Weight Loss Program
Help remove the toxins from the body and
burn the stored fat to lose the weight.
Lose up to 7 to 15 lbs in 2 weeks
Helps improve your body to process food better
to not gain the weight back, better than a diet!
20% off on 30 day Detox Program this month.
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 Lipo Light Body Contouring Treatments
Help shrink the fat cells down and
pushes the fat our of the cell.
Lose up to 3 inches per session, Permanently!
No Down Time, Side Effects
and Instant Loss!
New Clients Special - Includes Consultation
Exam & 2 Lipo Treatments   $97
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Now and start Losing the Weight & Inches!
Waxing Special
Brows Bikinis Brazilians
$18 $45 $60
Under Arms  Half Leg Full Leg
$18 $40 $70
2 Areas 5% off   3 Areas 10% off
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