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"This place is phenomenal. Treated myself for a
bday massage - Michelle was awesome! Will
definitely be back!" - Dawn P. Oakland, Ca
July 28th, 2016
"Like me henna brows, didn't even hurt and now I
don't have to worry about my brows in the morning
Jenny E. July 8th, 2019
'Great deep tissue massage, Emani may be short 
but very strong. Will be back soon." 
Jamie T. Nov. 4th 2019
"Contouring treatment was nice, relaxing, lost an
inch off the tummy, can't complain about that.
Can't wait to do the rest of my treatments to see
how much I'll lose over all. Kristie was nice, explained
alot and give me some tips." Amy R. June 20th, 2019
"Love my Hydrafacial, skin feel super soft. Even my
boyfriend noticed." Sandy W. Jan 4, 2019
"Great massage, Cliffena really worked out
all my knots, can't wait for my next massage."
Jan R. Oct. 15th, 2019
"First time getting waxed, liked how Renee
took her time with me ,and gave me tips on
home care." Maria G. June 20, 2019
"Good Facial, hate extractions but my pores
looks good lol, will definitely be back next month."
Than N Feb. 20th, 2019
"Great people, great experience. I found
Rejuvenate in the online. Mariana was
excellent, making me feel comfortable when
was doing my Brazilian wax. All the staff are
wonderful. I highly recommend this place". -
Suzi G. Lafayette, CA Oct. 27th, 2016
"I have been getting facials most my life but I have
never found a place that treats you so good. I mean
Michelle always takes her time in explaining to me the
reasons why I should use a product and how to better my
life in general. And let me tell you, I haven't slept
better, feel better or look better than I do now because
of her treatments and what they have to offer there. I
even have a friend who got a face lift and I still look
better than she does. Can you image that. I tell you its
so simple, good products at home, facials regularly and a
few supplements and I look and feel like a new person." -
Renee G. San Leandro, Ca Feb. 24th, 2015
"What a wonderful experience! The facial was very
relaxing and immediately afterwards, my skin was
glowing! This little gem is located in a chiropractic
office, and from when you first walk in till the end of
your treatment, you are greeted with professionalism
and care. Michelle is great! Just purchased a series of
treatments with her at a very reasonable price. Looking
forward to my next appointment!!" - Lucia D. Hayward,
CA Nov. 20th, 2013
"I love Mariana as she is always on time. I like
how she treats me and she's friendly and
courteous." - Josephine P. San Leandro,
Ca Dec 16, 2016
"A bit of a wait time but overall very good
courteous service. Attentive staff and thorough
service." - Sandy S San Leandro, Ca
Dec 14, 2016
"Love the new massage therapist Michael,
really helped me to stretch our my muscles. I
never had a male masseur before but will
definitely be coming back again." - Jason T.
San Lorenzo, Ca Nov. 18th, 2016
"Great massage, came in for 50 minute
massages for my daughter and me. Wish they
had more masseuses then we could have
received them at the same time. Warm friendly
relaxing atmosphere made the wait go quickly.
Already planning when to return." - Sonja S.
San Leandro, Ca Sept 10th, 2016
"I love my lipo treatments! I've done 6 sessions and I've
lost 25lbs in 3 weeks. Can't believe that. I'm getting
married in a couple weeks so makes me even more 
happier." Mary V. Hayward, Ca Aug. 30th, 2015
"Michelle is great!.  Love the organic facials.
They smell amazing and make my face glow.
 A relaxing treat.  I had  my Brazilian waxing
today and underarms with Marianna was very
professional and made me comfortable through
every step.  I will definitely come back again
for a facial and waxing.  I also recommend the
massage." - Andrea . San Leandro, Ca
  July 10th, 2016
"It's always hard for me to lose weight since I'm not
very big to begin with, but I just finished my lipo
treatments and lose 3 lbs and 3 inches. I feel great and
can see the big difference in my body with these
treatments. I highly recommend Rejuvenate You, they
are very nice and try to accomedate my scheduling
needs. Will definitely be coming back for more
treatments." Jocelyn C. Hayward, Ca June 11th, 2016
"I just finished 6 lipo treatments and lose 5 1/2 inches
off my waste and I feel great. Going on a trip to Hawaii
next week and can't wait. Can't wait to come back from
my trip and do more treatments." Charlotte C. Hayward,
Ca June 3rd, 2016
"I had my brazilian waxing today and
underarms with marianna was very nice to me,
she did very good job ,i will definitely come
back again for a facial and waxing, michelle is
nice too ,thank you guys see you soon." - Yasso
W. San Leandro, Ca May 7th, 2016
"Had my first wax treatment at this spa today
with Leah and I'm amazed at how great it went.
Came in a little nervous but I was quickly
comforted by Leah's personable and
professional attitude. She walked me through
every step during the process, about after care
and maintenance and great conversation in
between. I've found my go-to waxing center and
it's right down the street from me! 
This spa also offers other treatments such as
weight loss treatments, facials and other body
waxing. Very clean and tidy inside with a lot to
offer. The other employees were really nice too,
very friendly and welcoming. They are well
worth the full prices." - Krystle L., San Leandro,
Ca  March​ 19th, 2016
"This was probably thee best thing I've ever
done for myself. Jackie is awesome she really
took care of me she's the sweetest lady ever
and good at what she does! I feel like I have a
new body can't wait to try the other services!!" -
Vanessa S. San Francisco March 10th, 2016
"I have had 3 facials from Michelle, all
fantastic!! She uses natural products which I
appreciate! For Valentine's Day she gave me a
chocolate strawberry masque which was
amazing!!!  The spa room is lovely too -- very
relaxing! I give her 5 stars!!!!" - Sylvie S.
Alameda, Ca Feb. 26th, 2016
"I'm doing a 2 week intense Detox Program and have
already lost 7lbs in 6 days. Can't believe that and I feel
great. Its inexpensive compared to other programs I've
tried and so easy to do. Can't wait to see how much I
lose in the next week!" Angel G. Union City, Ca
Jan. 12th, 2016
"I just had my first peel and I loved it, my skin wasn't
red or irritated at all with not a lot of peeling but I can
feel the different in my skin. Can't wait for my next
peel." Nicole H. Hayward, Ca Dec. 12th, 2015
"Jackie was awesome!! She was professional and very
considerate. She makes sure to ask every now and then
to see if the pressure in my massage is enough, are you
okay. Love her. Definitely will come back with her!"
- Xuan H. Pleasanton, Ca Nov. 5th, 2015
"She was so helpful with explaining everything
about my skin to me and recommending
products that are helpful. The facial is super
relaxing and I definitely recommend everyone
to come here!" - Joanna U. San Leandro,
Ca Oct. 31st, 2015
"It was nice feeling to my skin, while Michelle was doing
facial for me. She has good patience explaining me any
other details of my questions. Wonderful place." -
Praveena S. San Leandro, Ca Oct. 5th, 2015
"I'm doing 6 lipo light treatments and add a 2 week
detox program to increase weightloss and feeling great.
I already lose 35 lbs in 5 weeks and have more energy."
Lucia D. Hayward, Ca Oct. 10th, 2015
"What a relaxing facial experience, thanks." - Susana M.
Oakland, Ca Sept. 30th, 2015  
"I've tired to go to the gym to tone out more but its
hard to do with 3 kids. I've done 3 lipo light treatments
now and you can already see the outline of my abdomen
already. Can't believe it." Wanda K. Alameda, Ca
Aug 15th, 2015
"Really like all the services I have had.. great
place for a good massage." - Isabelle R.
San Leandro, Ca July 14th, 2015
"Really great facial, Michelle ready to take the
time with me and I felt really refreshed after, all
in all I will definitely return." - Amy G. Oakland,
Ca July 6th, 2015
"I've tried a couple of services the facial & the massage
both were amazing. I plan on going back next month for
another treatment." - Isabelle R. San Lorenzo, Ca
June 30th, 2015       back to top
"First visit was beyond what I expected. Overall
experience, explanations & end results are well
worth the time & money." - Jenny N. June 7th,
"I just finished my 6 lipo treatments and I can see the
difference in my clothes, I can finally were shorts with a
zipper and a button, usually I have to wear my elastic
short but now I've lost enough that I can fit in to my old
short." Boni C. Belmont, Ca May 27th, 2015
"Loved it! Michelle is so professional & knowledgeable.
Such a relaxing facial! I recommend this!" - Holly K.
Concord, Ca May 23, 2015
"This was only my second massage in 15yrs, I felt
comfortable, the place is clean and I plan on going back
to try the facial." - Isabelle R. San Lorenzo, Ca
Feb. 22nd, 2015
"Michelle is always very sweet and professional. She is
also very good at what she does and I always enjoy my
facial sessions with her." - Linda S. Hayward, Ca Feb. 12, 2015
"Love my peel. She calls it brighter, tighter, younger
looking skin! It's every bit as she says. I've never had a
peel but I'm glad I did it here. She's very thorough in
explaining the process & making sure I understand &
comfortable with everything.  She has a progressional
peel package I got for people like me whos never had a
peel before & doesn't want to jump into a medium peel.
She even let me have her cell # so if I had any questions
I could call. If you get a peel make sure you get it done
at the right place like I did." - Jennifer L. Pleasanton, CA
Dec. 2, 2014
"Great place, great staff, first class all the way.
Especially like the fact she didnt make me feel I'm
getting a girlie facial (lol) since she has other male
clients. I can tell she cares about her clients. My first
visit took extra time so I could really know whats going
on with my skin not just trying to get me in and out. I
really appreciate it and how im treated unlike some
places ive tried. i prebooked a couple treatments in
advance since she tends to book up fast. Great prices
for quality of service she gives."  - Ernest L.
San Leandro, CA Oct. 20, 2014                  back to top
"Wonderful Experience." - Miriam W.
San Leandro, Ca Sept. 11th, 2014
"Love getting a facial before hand, makes the makeup
look great and sometimes I get my lashes done too when
I need them. " Anna H. San Fransisco, Ca April 20, 2014
"I've never had such smooth, soft skin. Love my facials,
everytime. Michelle really knows how to relax me. I
usually fall sleep even before we get to the masking.
Love her Spa Club, lets me come back often at great
prices for top care quality."  - Mary L. Oakland, CA
Feb. 16, 2014    back to top
"My co-workers think for sure I had a face lift but since
I didn't miss a day of work they're not sure what I did.
Love the Needle-less Collagen Treatments and glad
theres no injections that's not the way I want to go. I'm
glad I found this spot."   - JoAna G. Hayward, CA 
Dec. 10, 2013
"I've been coming to Michelle for a few months now &
loving her treatments. I usually get their Signature
Needle-less Collagen Treatment done & love it. It's
super hydrating. All my friends always ask how I take
good care of my skin. I like that she takes good care of
me. She teaches me a little bit about my skin each time I
come in, so I get more out of my sessions from her than
the other places I've gone. That's why I like coming
back to her. I love her prepay plans. Sometimes when I
come I get a 30 min massage done too. It's nice to get a
professional massage done at a doctors office & instead
of at a fufu place. A one stop shop." - Sachiko W.
San Leandro, CA Oct. 14, 2013
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Out of Town/International Clients
"My work takes me to the bay area on a monthly basics,
I like to get my treatments done when I'm in town."
Jim. R Oregon,  July 20th, 2019
"I like to buy gift cards every year from this Spa 
online and send them to my sister who lives in
town." John. W Maryland Nov 24th, 2019
"I visit my daughter couple times a year and love
to get my treatments done only by Michelle." 
Lily V. Texas, May 20th, 2019
"Moved to Sac for college, I still come back here to
get my monthly waxing. Renee is the best." 
Sally R. Sac, Ca Dec. 2, 2018
"Come to visit my mom for the holidays, love
getting a facial when I'm in town."
Jance C. LA, Ca Aug. 16th, 2018
"Great service everytime I'm in town, love to get
treated from head to toe, a facial, brazilian and
massage. Even thou I'm here for work helps me to relax
each time. As long as my work keeps sending me to
San Francisco I'll be coming here." Molly H. May 14th, 2016
"I found them online and bought a gift card for my
sister's birthday. Rejuvenate You mailed out a
personalized card they made along with the gift card
inside. My sister loved the card and the massage she got.
Now I send their spa gift cards to any of my friends or
family for birthday's, Christmas gifts. They all love the
personalized message in cards the spa makes according
to the occasion." Jake T. Washington D.C.
March 4th, 2016
"I love getting a facial from Michelle everytime I come
into town. Makes it more relaxing than just on a work
trip. Love being on her VIP Membership gives me
discounts when I come in and she sends me my products
when I'm out." - Audrey J. New York, NY
June 15th, 2015
"Great facials got during my visit to San Fransisco for 2
month school program. I love products they carry, signed
up International VIP Member and get Free Shipping to
Germany!! Really appreciate and get discounts too. Hope
I can come back to visit San Fransisco again." - Gabriele H.
Frankfurt, Germany Sept. 21st, 2014
"I always like visiting Michelle when I come and visit my
family, she always tries to fit me for a facial even if I
call at the last mintue. Wish I could find someone like
her in LA, its always so hard to find a good skincare pro."
- Alice M. Hollywood, Ca May 16th, 2015
"Me and my friends like coming to Michelle's every year
when we come into town for our Annual Trip to Cali.
Great and relaxing facials & massages. Get free shipping
on products with her VIP Program." - Mary R. Chicago, Il
July 5th, 2014                                              back to top

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