Full Body Waxing

Wax Chick

Be Super Smooth!!
Waxing is a great way to remove all unwanted hair
leaving soft skin for weeks!
 Our waxing specialist will determine if there is any
extra charge based on the overall growth of your hair.
Especially for new clients to waxing or have not be
waxed more than a few months or more in that area.


15% Gratuity will be  added to  all Waxing Services over $100
Brows $18+ Tweeze Brows $22+
Lip $12+ Tweeze Lips $14+
Chin/Jaw $12+ Tweeze Chin $14+
Side Burns $12+ Ears $12+
Nose $14+ Cheeks $14+
Full Face $50+    
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Bikini $45+ Bikini Extended $60+
Brazilian $60+ Brazilian Extended $75+
Legs Half $40+ Full Legs $70+
Under Arms $18+ Hands $12+
Arms Half $32+ Full Arms $40+
Back Upper $25+ Back Mid $18+
Back Lower $25+ Full Back $60+
Hip Half $20+ Full Hip $35+
Chest Line  $20+ Full Chest $30+
Shoulder $25+ Patches $15+
Butt Strip $15+ Full Butt $35+
Stomach Line $14+ Full Stomach $30+
Toes/Feet $12+ Inner Thigh $15+
Full Body $295+    
15% Gratuity will be  added to  all Waxing Services over $100
Difference between Bikini, Brazilian & Extended
More FAQ on Bikini & Brazilian
Get 2 areas waxed 5% off
Get 3 areas waxed 10% off
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15% Gratuity will be  added to  all Waxing Services over $100
Brows $22+ Tweeze Brows $25+
Lip Top $14+ Lip Lower $10+
Chin/Jaw Line $14+ Tweeze Chin $18+
Ears $14+ Side Burns $15+
Nose $14+ Cheeks $16+
Full Face $60+    
Bikini $65+ Bikini Extended $80+
Under Arms $22+ Hands $15+
Arms  Half $40+ Full Arms $50+
Back  Upper $35+ Back Mid $22+
Back  Lower $35+ Full Back $75+
Chest  Line $25+ Full Chest $40+
Shoulder $30+ Patches $18+
Stomach Line $16+ Full Stomach $32+
Legs Half $55+ Full Legs $90+
Butt Strip $20+ Full Butt $45+
Inner Thigh $20+ Toes/Feet $15+
Full Body $350+    
15% Gratuity will be  added to  all Waxing Services over $100
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Get 2 areas waxed 5% off
Get 3 areas waxed 10% off
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Brazilian FAQ
What is the difference between Bikini & Brazilian?
Bikini is getting waxed around the panty line (sides & top).
Over all a clean me up so no sneaky hairs "peak out".
Brazilian is taking the next step and remove as much or
as little hair as you like off the front and under front (vulva
area). If you want to leave a small "landing strip", triangle
or nothing at all, it's up to you. It also can go from the
front, all the way to the back with an added butt strip. This
is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a
neat triangle or design on the front. Choose your style! 
Bikini or Brazilian Extended is waxing Inner Thigh Area
too but not the whole upper leg.
How long should my hair be, before waxing down there?
You want the hair to be less than 1/2 an inch. If too long
than it might lead to more pain when waxing. We prefer to
trim before coming in. If hair is too long when being seen,
a trimming fee my be added for $5+. If you are
uncomfortable, pretrimming before you come in that is fine,
when booking your appointment please let us know you
may need to be trimmed before the wax, so we can add
the extra time it may take to do so.
New or getting back into Bikini or Brazilian Waxing?
Welcome to Bikini or Brazilian if your a first time client to
the idea or welcome back if you are wanted to try it again
after a long time. For either of these clients there may be
an initial shaping fee $10+ add to your bikini or Brazilian for
first treatment only.
It all comes down to quantity vs. quality.  Most waxing
establishments that only spend 10  - 15 minutes per client
are more interested in assembly line waxing or what we
like to call fast food waxing.  So what does that mean?  It
means they do the minimal amount required so they can 
service more people per day to make the most money. 
Since this is their mindset, they will remove most of your
bikini hair...but not all.  Often times they will leave patches
of hair or leave the shorter hairs that often are hidden
under the longer hair.  What this means for you is an
incomplete service.
Many Rejuvenate You clients who have come to us have
shared that after their 10 minute wax at another
establishment they've had to shave the areas their waxer
missed when they returned home!  That's not surprising
because it's almost impossible to remove every last hair
safely and painlessly in under 15 minutes!
Rejuvenate You safely and virtually painlessly removes
every hair poking out your skin.  To do this properly, we
take 30 - 45 minutes.
It always amuses me when estheticians and waxing
establishments brag that they can do a full Brazilian in
under 10 minutes.  That's like a hairstylist,  dentist, or a
plastic surgeon bragging that they can do your procedure
at breakneck speed.  Who in their right mind would want a
procedure or service from those professionals?  Shouldn't
you expect the same top quality treatments and excellent
customer service from your waxer as you do from your
hairstylist, dentist, and surgeon?
So to those ladies who think there's a huge benefit to
having their Brazilian done in under 15 minutes...I say to
go ahead and have the procedure...but at your own risk. I
will tell you that there is absolutely NO BENEFIT TO
MINUTES!  In fact, the risks to you receiving a 10 - 15
minute Brazilian wax increase greatly. So what are these risks?
*Excruciating pain
*Skin removal (equivalent to a 1st or 2nd degree burn)
*Prolonged redness & irritation
*Increased ingrown hairs
*Days of discomfort
*Hair remaining
*Hyper-pigmentation from scarring
*Some establishments may even double dip to get this
speed, which has its own bacterial problems
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So what can a Brazilian client expect?
*Virtually painless Brazilian waxing
*Only imported hard wax with a protective oil barrier is used
*All hair growing out of the skin's surface is safely removed
*Ingrown hairs removed at no extra charge
*Any necessary tweezing done at no extra charge
*No skin is removed
*No bruising
*No prolonged redness (lasting more than 24 hours)
*Attention to detail
*No assembly-line waxing
*Fresh linens & towels for every client
*Treatment room is disinfected between clients
*Calm, spa-like environment
*Comfortable memory-foam treatment table