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Lose Weight & Feel Great
Lose pounds in days not months
Nutritional Detox Cleansing Program!
As we get older, it gets harder and harder for us to lose
weight. Our bodies don't process food like it use to and
we end up missing out on Nutrition. We get tired of
doing Diets, so they never last and if you did lose weight;
most of the time you gain it back in no time. Also not
everyone has time to go to the GYM 5 days a week or if
they do sometimes they don't see all the results you
want still.
So why is these any Different?
It's a Detox Program to help remove the toxins and build
up inside so your body can burn the stored fat we already
have. If this was a Diet than losing pounds in days not
months would be too fast.  But since this is a Detoxing
Cleanse that is healthy for you is prefect for your body.
Even if you don't need to lose any weight, it's still good
to do a Detox Once or Twice a year to help remove those
toxins we accumulate over time.
Doctor Supervised Programs
 We have been doing these Detox Weightloss Cleasning
Programs for the last 15 yrs.
We help clients who don't need to lose any weight and
just feeling sluggish or tired.
We help clients who love to work out 5/6 times a week
who just need to lose those last 5% body fat or the
tummy pouch that no amount of sit ups can help. 
To clients who need to lose 250/300 lbs,
to get their life back.
So no matter where you are on the scale
we have a program that can help you.
We offer different Weightloss Programs
at different levels for everyone
Why does this program work for so many people
 It's a Cellular Cleanse, Not a Diet
Helps clean out the kidneys and liver so your body can
achieve long lasting weightloss.
 It's Easy to do, Taste Good, Immediate Results,
and only a few weeks long.
Level 1 Program - Metabolism Booster 2x a day &
a Protein/Fiber Shake for Breakfast
Next Step Up - Our 30 Day Programs either Mild or
Intense depending if you're diabetic.
Level 2 Program -
30 Days Intense Programs are great for losing 10 to 18lbs
Level 3 Program -
60 Day Intense Programs are great for losing 25 to 35lbs
Level 4 Program -
60 Day+  Programs  are  great  for  losing  40 to 300lbs
Most programs include:
Protein/Fiber Shakes to get the protein, fiber and nutrition up,
helps to shrink the inside of the tummy.
Cleansing Drinks to help take the toxins out of the body
(without having to spend all day in the bathroom. )
Metabolism Booster to help make your body burn better
to help lose weight faster
Unlimited use Whole Body Vibration for 30 days
Unlimited use Infrared Sauna Session for 30 days
Alkaline Water to help balance Ph Level and
it helps to absorb water into the cells better. 
to absorb water into the cells better. 
Ionic Detox FootSoak to help take the rest of the toxins
from the blood, through the feet.
Michelle lost 28 lbs in 60 day
When I was 30 I had my daughter and gained
about 50 lbs during the pregnancy. I lose half
the weight after having her but over the last
7 years I slowly gained it all back.
In December 2016 I decided to do our
60 day Detox Program. First week I lost
6 lbs 7 days, than I got sick from my daughter
and didn't want to do the program for 3 weeks.
We had Christmas, New Years and 3 weeks
later I had only gained one pound back. So I knew
I had lost real weight not just water weight.
I did another week lost 5 lbs then we went
to Florida for 3 days. Came back did another
week lost 4 lbs than went to LA for 4 days.
I continued for another month and lost 14 more
pounds. I haven't done any kind of maintaince
or watching too hard of what I been eating
for the last 7 months and have not gained
more than 1 or 2 lbs back.
That's why I love our program. If you need to 
stop and go it doesn't effect you and if you
stop all together it has cleaned out the body
enough to be able to process future foods out
better so its harder for you to regain weight.
Plus I was a big soda and sweets girl and
after detoxing for a couple days all
those cravings went away.
What's Stopping You From Losing the Weight Really??
I feel and look better, have more energy,
no knee problems, and I went from a size X-Large 
to Small-Medium. I can actually go into
Hollister Clothing Store and buy a size Small Shirt. lol 
This program is easy to do, tastes
good and fast lasting results!
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