Henna Brows

Mostly people have probably heard of henna tattooing,which temporarily stains your skin without the life-long commitment of a permanent tattoo. Using Henna has been around since Ancient Egyptian times, used to dye hair and skin decorating.

Todays beauty brows are leaning into more temporary brow tattooing like tinting and microblading. Henna Brows results in a natural, fuller brow, instead of the flat and bolder look that can occur with traditional permanent brow tattooing.

All in thirty minutes, brows are shaped, waxed, tweezed and tinted with the “natural plant pigment,” The results? It subtly tints your skin and hair, so you have more shape and definition. It looks just like you've had a traditional tint, but better without the scary 1-2 days at the beginning before the color settles, when everyone can tell they’ve been done. It’s also free from peroxide activators, so it's a great for sensitive skin and usually lasts approximately 3-4 weeks.

Just Henna  - $35
Like getting your brows threaded or waxed some
where else, than just come in for the Henna Tint.
Henna Brows - $55
Brows are shaped, waxed, tweezed and tinted
Deluxe Henna - $75
Receive a mini Facial to help exfoliate and hydrate
the skin before you brows are then shaped, waxed,
tweezed and tinted.