Gentlemen's Waxing and Trimming

Facial Area   Book Now  
Brows $22+ Center Brow $14+
Top Lip $14+ Lower Lip $10+
Chin/Jaw $14+ Nose $14+
Ears $14+ Side Burns $16+
Neck (Half) $20+ Neck (Full) $30+
(front or   back)    
Male Parts                          Book Now
20% Gratuity is added to all Male Part Waxings
Ring of Fire                      $45
   half-moon circle around the base
   of shaft & ball sac
Jimmy & John                 $40
   Ball sac & above the crack (the taint area)
Shaft Wax                         $25
   waxing of your D shaft
Bat & Balls                       $55
   waxing of the shaft & ball sac
Speedo Line                     $40
   Partial Brozilian/Manzilian (includes front pubic 
   area only (no jimmy & john or Shaft waxing
The Whole Enchilada      $80
   Full Brozilian/Manzilian
   (includes front pubic area and butt strip)
20% Gratuity is added to all Male Part Waxings
Body Areas   Book Now  
Under Arms $22+ Hands $15+
Arms (Half) $40+ Arms (Full) $50+
Back (Upper) $35+ Back (Lower) $35+
Back (Full + Shoulders) $75+
Chest (Line) $25+ Chest (Full) $40+
Shoulder $30+ Patches $18+
Legs (Half) $55+ Legs (Full) $90+
Butt Strip $20+ Butt (Full) $45+
Stomach (Line) $16+ Inner Thigh $20+
Stomach (Full) $32+ Toes/Feet $15+
Full Body $350+ up to 4 hrs.  
after 4 hours extra     
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15% Gratuity will be added to all Waxing Services of $100
Bush Trim $25
fading/trimming of your man parts
The Forest Trail $35
fading of your chest into your pubes
Limb Trim $15
trimming of arm hair OR leg hair
The Yetti $30
Trimming of your back
It's The Pits $10
Trimming of your Arm Pit hair
Beard  $15
Facial Hair Trimming
Full Body Grooming  $85
Includes; Chest, Back, Legs, Arms, Pubic, Arm Pits, Butt Cheeks


The aesthetics and practicalities of the modern man are such that waxing has become an integral part of the regular grooming regime, but at Face of Man we understand that the process is often considered painful. In each of our services, no matter the part of body, we ensure the highest level of discretion, product selection and method, helping to reduce redness and irritation, avoid breakouts and ingrown hairs and to maximize the outcome of your treatment. This includes the use of high quality moisturizing agents, hot and cold compression and an application of tea tree lotion, leaving you looking and feeling your best.