About Us

Healthy Skin for a Healthy Body

the Natural Way . . . . .

How healthy do you think your skin is?  Our Wellness Spa
we use non-invasive advance treatments to rejuvenate
your natural glow and persevere your youth. As a result
we are passionate in helping men and women maintain
healthy skin for a health body through amazing innovative
products, treatments and education. We offer 30 & 60 min 
Facials, Hydrafacials, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion,
Needle-less Collagen Treatments, DermaQuest, PCA,
Eminence Organic, Blue Beautifly, Farm House Fresh and
Dermalogica Skincare Professional Grade Products and
much more.
We take pride in standing out from the average Day Spa
with only FuFu Treatments in mind. With so many popping
up left & right it's hard to figure out which one is right for
you. Which is what separates us from the rest, we go
beyond our school education & do continuous education
on New Studies of Skin Conditions, New & Advance
Treatments and focus only on result oriented products.
From the first step with our detailed Consultation and a
Computerized Digital Skin Analysis, we can actually see
what underlying conditions are under your skin and are
invisible to the naked eye. Pore sizes, wrinkles,
pigmentation, rough areas and more. Take before & after
treatment or product pictures. Learn how to actually take
better care of your skin to slow down aging, learn why our
skin does what it does and much much more.
Front Desk
Brenda, Tiondra & Donisha
They are here making your appointment and answering 
everything you want to know about all our services and 
Our Skincare Therapists
Lead Esthetician: Michelle W.   L.E.
Michelle has spent the last 28 years helping people
maintain a healthy body at Neighborhood Wellness Center
of San Leandro. She has been doing massage for over 17
years and 10 years ago decided that not only did she want
to make people feel good but to look as good as they feel.
So she attended Alameda Beauty College for & graduated
top of her class.
She is licensed by the state as an Esthetician with her own
spa, Rejuvenate You Wellness Spa. She specializes in
Result Driven Treatments with Facials, Hydrafacials,
Needless Collagen Treatments, Microdermabrasion,
Chemical Peels, Innovative Skin Care Products, Waxing,
Eyelash Extensions, Body Contouring Treatments in
healping people maintain healthy skin for a healthy body.
Esthetician: Bri  L.E.
Bri loves to educate her clients on home care and skin
balancing. She specializes in Facials and Waxing for the last
year with her amazing facial massages to melt you off the table.
Our Massage Therapists
We do a variety of combinational massage techniques:
Combination Signature, Swedish, CBD, Deep Tissue, Reiki
Sports Therapy, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Reflexology, Shiatsu, 
Craniosacral, Stretching & more These are not your regular
FuFu massages. If you would like just a nice relaxation
massage make sure to inform for therapist before hand.
Kevin: who has been with us for more then a year,
specializing in Sports & Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue
and a Reiki Master. Offering a unique style of massage
from Ireland.
Emily: who has been with us for more then a year, 
specializing in Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Cupping.
Naomi: who has been with us for more then a year,
specializing in Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hot Stone & Cupping
Our Wax Chicks
They do a variety of facial and body waxing using soft
and hard wax.
Michelle: who has been with us for 10 years; specializing
in Facial/Body Waxing for Women & Men including 
Bri: who has been waxing for a year, does facial and
body waxing for women & men
Our Lash Chicks
Michelle: who has been doing lashes for over 3 years now

510-895-2510 San Leandro, CA