Eyelash Extension F.A.Q.

Before Your Appointment
How to Care for Your Lash Extensions
Eyelash Extension F.A.Q.
Yes! There are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, want
to make sure to arrive a few minutes before your appointment.
We require all new clients to complete our eyelash Extension.
Waiver and Consent Form. This will be provided to you by the
salon Admin. You'll also want to make sure to remove any
mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow or any other type of makeup or
product from around the eyes & lashes. Your Lash Technician
will spend a few minutes with you to answer any questions you
may have and decide which lashes to use bases on your
1. Remove all make up, including foundation, eyeliner, mascara,
eye shadow, oils and all eye serum. Please remove any eye
makeup with an oil-free cleanser prior to the application process.
2. Shower before you arrive: it is recommended that you do not
shower within 24 hrs after extensions are applied.
3. Do not wear contacts to your appointment. Wear eye glasses
instead or be about to take off the contact as your eyes will be
closed during the process is more comfortable without contacts.
4. Do not curl or perm your eyelashes before your appointment.
The lash extensions will not attach to crimped eyelashes.
5. Do not put on mascara. Removing mascara can be time
consuming & any residual makeup and/or mascara will prevent
proper application of the lash extensions. There may be an
extra charge $15 if we need to spend extra time removing your
your mascara for you.
6. Ensure you have fully recovered from any irritating eye tx,
such as facials, chemical peels, eyebrow waxing/tinting,
laser treatments and permanent make up applications.
7. Please discuss any medication or allergies.
8. Please let your Lash Artist know if you use any skin thinning
9. If you are getting a refill with us and you originally got your
set from another salon, there is a $35 charged added to the
refill cost, for the extra time for the consultation to determine
the look you want, the curl and length of the lashes you already have now.
1. You'll need to fill out the Consent and Waiver form.
2. We'll also take Before and After pictures of your lashes for
our records.
3. Silencing your cell phone during the application process will
allow you to “unplug” and relax. You can listen to your own
audio, if you prefer. Also, feel free to take a nap during your
appointment and let your Lash transformation begin.
How to Care for Your Beautiful Lash Extensions
1. If you want your natural lashes to be healthy and continue to
gorw wash them. Cleaning your eyelashes daily, especially the
base of your lashes, allows them to stay clear of makeup
residue and oils. If the hair follicle is clogged, the lashes won’t
grows. Try using baby shampoo mix with water.
2. Try to sleep on your back or side, avoid smashing your
lashes completely as you sleep.
3. When using night creams/serums, apply sparingly and blot
off excess.
4. When you touch your lashes, always use upward, sweeping
motions - no side to side rubbing at the lash line.
5. Keep your fingers off your lashes.  Every time you touch
them you are transferring natural oil and germs.
6. Do not perm or tint lashes before or after lash extension
7. Do not use a regular eyelash curler to curl Extensions (you
won't need to curl your extensions).
8. Be as gentle as possible to your new lash extensions. Avoid
touching or rubbing them especially when washing your face.
Clean around the eyes with a wash cloth.
9. Do not get them wet for the first 24 hours after they have
been applied.
10. Do not pull on your eyelash extensions or you can risk
plucking out your natural eyelashes. Natural lashes can take
2 or 3 months to grow back.
11. Avoid swimming, steam rooms, saunas, or extreme heat for
a period of 48 hours after application.
12. Do not be afraid to get your lashes wet. Please wash your
makeup off every night and use a gentle face wash for best
results. Baby shampoo or a water-based foaming face wash to
wash the lashes work great!
13. Always brush your lashes gently. Brushing them maintain
softness and fluffiness. But avoid brushing them to hard or
close to the base.
14. Don't sleep with makeup over your lashes overnight. 
15. Mascara is not recommended on your eyelash extensions
because they will cause the extensions to fall out sooner. If you
prefer to wear mascara, only apply to the tips and either use a
water-based mascara or purchase mascara specially formulate
for eyelash extensions that washes off easily.
16. Do not attempt to remove the lash extensions yourself.
Either wait for the extensions to fall off naturally, or schedule an
appointment to have them professionally removed without
harming your natural lashes.
17. Do not cut the Extensions (you may cut your own lashes).
18. Clean your eye make-up, but be gentle with your Extensions.
When removing makeup near your lash extensions, gently go
over the eye area. Clean up and away from the lash extensions.
19. Maintain your lash extensions with a regular touch-up
20. Do not use an eyelash curler on your lash extensions. This
will break the adhesive bond on the extensions and could
damage your natural lashes. 
21. Do not use oil-based products such as oil-based eye
makeup or makeup remover on or near your lash extensions.
Oil based products can disrupt the adhesive and cause your
extensions to fall out sooner than expected. Baby shampoo is
gentle and excellent at removing makeup!
22. Never tug, twist, pick or pull at your lashes or extensions.
23. Treat your eyes gently - as if you have makeup on that you
don't want to smudge.
24. Brush and groom your lashes gently with a disposable
mascara spoolie or eye shadow brush (best choice).
Frequently Asked Questions on Eyelash Extensions
1. How are eyelash extensions applied?
Extensions are applied using a black colored formaldehyde-free
medical-grade adhesive, that allows for a seamless look.
Extensions are individually placed onto the natural lash either
one-by-one for natural sets, or three to five fanned lashes for
volume sets. Eyelash extensions come in different curls, lengths,
and thickness, and curls. Each combination gives a different
results that can vary from a natural and subtle appearance to a vivid and dramatic look.
2. How long does the procedure take?
Depending on the service requested, whether a natural set or a
glamour set of lash extensions, the initial procedure can take
anywhere from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours. A touch-up usually takes
between 45 to 75 minutes.  
3. Are lash extensions harmful?
When applied correctly, eyelash extensions are safe! Eyelash
extensions that are NOT applied correctly, can be harmful.
Incorrectly applied extensions can glue multiple natural lashes
together causing irritation and damage to the hair follicle. This
can result in a permanent loss of lashes. There are also allergic
reactions that can occur with adhesives containing
formaldehyde. Example of incorrectly applied extensions.
4. Do extensions damage your natural lashes?
Lashes can be either very damaging or not at all. The investment
in your lashes is something you should consider when selecting
not only a lash salon, but the artist that will work on you. Done
properly, each and every lash is independent and separate of its
neighbors. No 2 natural lashes should be glued together or the
one that grows the fastest will pull out the others. It takes
patience, excellent hand eye coordination as well as skill to
apply lashes so your natural lashes can freely grow and
replenish themselves without extensions ever getting in the way
of that process. Experts that do this correctly, will not damage
your lashes and you should be able to get fills indefinitely with proper maintenance & after home care.
5. Does it hurt?
Nope. The eyelash extensions are painless and most clients are
so comfortable that they fall asleep during the procedure.
Rejuvenate You uses quality products and strives to provide the
highest level of comfort possible.
6. I have sensitive eyes, will the lashes cause irritation?
Sensitivities come in may forms. Some people are sensitive to
products like mascara or liner and others have dry eyes or
sensitivity to light and the list goes on. If the question if whether
the lashes itself will cause irritation, that depends on the 
application. Lashes done well should be placed 1-2 mm away
from your actual lash-line where your skin meets the lashes. This
way, the extension never touches the lash line, and the tiny
amount of adhesive will never touch your skin. Lashes or
adhesive that touches the skin can cause itching, poking and
general discomfort. Again, it's all about expert and precision in the artists application.
‚Äč7. Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes. Appointments are required. Rejuvenate You cannot
guarantee enough time for walk-in appointments. Please
schedule an appointment and be sure to arrive on time to assure
a quality lash session.
8. What do I need to do before and after my appointment?
Before your appointment, and in order for the lash extensions to
bond properly, your eye lashes must be clean! Please arrive with
no mascara, and no makeup, face cream, or eye cream on or
around the eye area. After your lash extensions are applied,
please keep extensions away from water, heat, and steam for a
24 hr period in order to allow the adhesive to bond properly.
Showers, hair appointments, etc. should be planned before or
after this time period. Avoid swimming, steam rooms, saunas, or
extreme heat for a 48 hour period after application.  Please read
our How to care for your lashes page for more information on this topic.
9. I wear contacts, may I wear them during the procedure?
Recommend removing your contact lenses if you know your
eyes to be on the drier side. Lenses can dry and irritate the eyes
since your eyes must be kept closed during the entire application.
10. My eyelash extensions were applied at another salon. Can I
still have them applied at Rejuvenate You?
Yes, we do allow you to get a new set or a refill with us if you
originally got your set from another salon. There is a $35 charge
added to the refill cost, for the extra time for the consultation to
determine the look you want, the curl and length of the lashes
you already have now. But to be realistic we will try to best
match your lashes with what we think you were already have
on. For best matching it is recommended to have us remove
the other salons lashes & get a new set with us, and receive 20% off your new set.
11. How long do the lash extensions last?
Eyelash extensions typically last between 2 1/2 to 5 weeks
depending on a number of factors. How the eyelash extensions
are cared for daily at home, weather, and the natural growth
cycle cared for daily at home, weather, and the natural growth
cycle of your own lashes all play a part on how long the extensions will last.
12. What can I do to help make my lash extensions last longer?
The most important care rule to follow is keeping away from
heat and steam for the first 24 hours, so that the adhesive is
allowed to bond the extensions to natural lashes. Naturally, 1 of
your eyes will lose lashes faster than the other. Mostly because
of your sleep patterns. Wash your face using gentle oil free
cleanser and massage gently your lashes between your fingers
and use your mascara wand or lash comb to remove excess
water from weighting them down as well as comb just at the
tips, to position back to a well fanned out look. If you must use
makeup, invest in our oil free products otherwise, less will
always cause them to last the longest. If you want fullness that
lasts, splurge for our Dramatic or Glamour Look and skip the
mascara altogether. More lashes applied, the less noticeable
the loss after 2/3 weeks. Avoid swimming, steam rooms, saunas,
or extreme heat for a 48 hour period after application. Also
avoid a rubbing the eyes or tugging at the lashes. Do not use
oil-based products on the eyelash extensions. Please refer to
the How to Care for Your Lashes page for more information.
13. Can I wear makeup/mascara on my extensions?
Rejuvenate You recommends not to use mascara since it is
difficult to remove. The extensions will more than likely not last
as long. If  youdo still feel the need to wear mascara than try to
use a water-base mascara and only at the tips. Carefully remove
the mascara every night with an oil-free makeup remover.
14. Can I use an eyelash curler to curl my lash extensions?
No, an eyelash curler can break the bond on your lash
extensions and end up damaging your natural eyelashes.
15. Will I lose my own lashes?
As long as you avoid rubbing the eyes or pulling at the
extensions you will not lose your own lashes. Please refer to the
AFTERCARE instructions given at the salon, or the LASH
CARE section for further information.
16. What is the length & thickness of the extensions that are used?
Lash extensions range from 6mm to 15mm in length, and from
0.06mm to 0.20mm in thickness.
17. What type of adhesive does Rejuvenate You use?
We use medical-grade adhesive made exclusively from
professional eyelash extensions. The adhesive is
formaldehyde-free, ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive.
18. When should I get them retouched?
We recommend our clients return for touch-ups every 2 to 3
weeks. Clients who prefer to maintain a very full and natural
look come in on a bi-monthly basis.
19. When should I get them retouched?
We recommend our clients return for touch-ups every 2 to 3
weeks. Clients who prefer to maintain a very full and natural look
come in on a bi-monthly basis.
20. Why must I be back for a fill within 3 weeks?
We see that after the 3 week mark lashes have grown out and
because of the inevitable nature of gravity, this growth creates
added weight for your natural lash, and can stress out your lash
follicle over time. Lashes maintained on a recurring schedule
and replaced  beforethis happens will ensure that you have a
non-damaging full set of lashes that can last WITHOUT ANY
BREAKS so long as you  keepwithin a 3 week fill schedule. If
your lashes grow faster, maybe sooner. If our documentation of
your lashe growth is longer than 3 weeks, we will make
exceptions at the artists discretion. Filling after too longer is also
a disservice to you since as soon as you get your fill, the older
lashes that may have been holding all, are close to falling out
and you will have effectively put your lashes on 2 fill cycles and
you will be chasing that full look all the time and coming in more often that you need to.
21. How are eyelash extensions removed?
It is best to schedule an appointment at Rejuvenate You to have
your lash extensions professionally removed with a special
detaching solvent. Attempting to remove the lash extensions
yourself may cause damage to your natural lashes. If they are
not removed, they will fall off naturally once a complete lash cycle occurs.
22. Are your lash technicians certified?
All Rejuvenate You Lash Technicians are fully trained and
certified and Licensed by the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology.
23. What’s the difference between a 1, 2 and 3 week fills?
A Lash Fill is a service that replenishes or replaces lashes that
have fallen out. We offer a 1, 2 and 3 Week Lash Fill that
corresponds to the Extension Set you currently have. For
instance, if you have our Natural Set, you would book a
1, 2 or 3 Week Natural Fill depending on the length of time from
your last service. If you have a Dramatic Set, you would book a
1, 2, or 3 Week Dramatic Fill. If you have a Glamour Set, you
would book a 1, 2 or 3 Week Glamour Fill. A 1 Week Fill is
between 3 to 10 days from your last service and less than 25%
of lashes are usually needed to be replaced. A 2 Week Fill is 
11-19 days and less than 40% of lashes are usually needed to
be replaced. A 3 Week Fill is 20-25 days between services and
less than 60% of lashes are usually needed to be replaced. But 
depending on home care will determine how many of your
lashes needs to be replaced and there may be an extra charge
of $40 for every 30 mins over the expected time frame if extra
time is needed. So please try and take good care of your lashes
at home so your refills can be quick and easy.
24. Can you explain the different sets of lash extensions?
The 3 main sets we offer are the Natural, Dramatic and Glamour.
Each set uses synthetic lashes, typically around 2mm longer
than your natural lash, with the curl decided by you and the
technician. The number of lashes applied are up to 35 per eye
for the Natural, 55 per eye for the Dramatic and 70 per eye for
the Glamour. We also offer Color Lashes to add a little bit of color to each eye.
25. What are the Lash Up services?
When a client receives a set of extensions and comes in for a fill,
we replace any lashes that have fallen out up to their original set.
For instance, a client with the Natural set would be filled up to
35 lashes per eye. This is considered their 'Set Level'. A Lash Up
service permanently increases their level. For instance, a client
with the Natural set could get the Dramatic Lash Up which
increases them to 55 lashes per eye. Each subsequent visit, they
would be filled up to 55 lashes per eye now that they have
increased their level. And they can Lash Up to Glamour Set too.