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Infrared Sauna
Whole Body Vibration Exercise
Ionic Detox FootSoak
Chiropractic Treatments
Detox Weightloss
Infrared Half Box Sauna
Help increase circulation while detoxifying the body with
our infrared sauna session. Your heart is not in the heat
so you don't perspire as much as a full box sauna but
you still get all the same benefits. Plus great for children,
teens, seniors and clients with heart conditions who
wouldn't be able to take the heat. Wonderful for all clients
and even great on clients with autism for the heat
benefits and closed space.
15 mins - $15          
Prepaid Card 6 Session - $60 or Unlimited Monthly $50
May use Prepaid Card for either the Sauna or WBV
Or to do both each session with the Unlimited Monthly $70
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Whole Body Vibration Exercise (WBV)
Help work every cell in your body without breaking a
sweat. 10 mins on the WBV is like an hour at the gym.
Helps increase circulation, bone density, as well as helps
to lose weight. Don't have to change into gym clothes or
sweat and take a shower later plus if you go to the gym
this makes a great added benefit too.
12 mins - $10    
Prepaid Card 12 Session - $60 or Unlimited Monthly $40
May use Prepaid Card for either the Sauna or WBV
Or to do both each session with the Unlimited Monthly $70
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Ionic Detox FootSoak
Help detoxify the body of harmful elements, chemicals &
toxins that can build up in your body & effect your health. 
30 min Session
1 person - $40
2 people - $70
Detox Special
Receive a Detox FootSoak, Whole Body Vibration Session
& Infrared Sauna Session total - 60mins
1 person - $55           2 people - $99
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Chiropractic helps restore normal function of the nerve
system within the spinal column to restore and maintain
health. Our method practice by the doctors is activator,
no cracking or popping, very genjust yet most effective.
The activator adjusting instrument is the most advanced
light force adjustment technique in Chiropractic. Delivers
a high speed thrust that corrects the misalignment
without adding stress to the patient during treatments.
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Lose Weight & Feel Great
Lose pounds in days not months
Revolutionary Nutritional Detox Cleansing, results in
greater health and well-being From the inside out. Make
your appointment today for a Doctor Supervised
Weight-Loss Program.
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