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In todays fast pace technology growth, new skincare hypes, multi billion dollar advertising every where, leaving clients to wonder is this product really going to help them or is it just a coin toss.

For our Spa - our mission is  "we use non-invasive advance treatments to rejuvenate your natural glow and persevere your youth. As a result we are passionate in helping men and women maintain healthy skin for a health body through amazing innovative products, treatments and education." 

Education, I wish every esthetician took this part more seriously but it's a growing problem in that area for a lot do not educate themselves in-depth with products and ingredients so they can not really educate their clients about home care products, what is the real root of their concerns and how they can correct and prevent. For most its just wanting to get on with the next facial.

What separate us, we take extra classes and detailed learning every other month for the past 12 years in skincare, health and wellness. Skincare is always changing so we like to stay current and pass this information to our clients. We take pride in being a wellness/med spa and not a fufu spa so we do a detailed consult and a skin scanning analysis where you can really see what's underlining in your skin concerns. We inform all our clients about everything and even do in office seminars and one on one classes for patients to get the most of their skincare and to prevent and correct, because we always tell our clients what you do at home with either make or break your skin, which way would you like it to go?

We always hope that each client can take at least one new information about their skin home to help them balance their skin because what is the point of getting the same facial or same products if it's really not helping.

Our classes topics include:

1 - What's your real Skin Type, can you really change your skin Conditions/Concerns and where do I fall on the line of how many products I should be using.

2 - What's in your Product, is it really helping, am I using it right, am I over doing it and should you believe everything you read on labels and advertisements.

3 - Is the Treatments I'm doing really the best for my concerns or am I just putting a Band-Aid on it til next month and the truth about peels and more advance treatments do they really help.

4 - Truth about Sunscreen and why is it so hard for my brown spots to go away.

We do two types of education:

1 - In office Seminars - 30/45 mins Complimentary - done once or twice a month  with 4 to max 20 people (check for dates coming up)

Attendants may stay and wait after to have a one on one consult or to book a future one for 30 mins $50. Includes a detailed consultation, skin scanning analysis, Mini Target Facial and a trial home kit. May add extra time for more topics to be covered at $40/30 mins. 

2 - One on One Classes - 60 mins $90

You and our educator will be booked for a private class, any time you choosing. Includes a detailed consultation, skin scanning analysis, Mini Target Facial, a trial home kit and a min 30 mins talk on one of the above topcis. May add extra time for more topics to be covered at $40/30 mins.

Call 510-895-2510 to Reserve your Seat at our next In-office Seminar or Book a One on One Class for yourself.

January and February In-Office Seminars have not been decided yet - please check back later.

It was great having you if you attending our December Talk about Winter Skins, the real causes of dry skin and I feel dry but does that mean am I really dry skin type now.

Thanks Happy Holidays.